Mind Body Dynamic is the mindfulness and yoga teaching business of Selina Sasse, an expert in the mind and body connection.   She teaches groups and one to one at her beautiful, tranquil studio in rural Buckinghamshire and in businesses, educational and community establishments locally, in London and on retreat in Spain.

The practices give people a greater sense of energy, balance and flexibility, mentally and physically as students gain the skills to get out of mental busyness and release tension in their body. 

A communications specialist, working for over twenty years in the fast paced financial sector in London, Selina experienced first-hand the challenges of modern living.  With the onset of a culture of 24-7 working patterns and digital communication, people can struggle to switch off.  This combined with the effects of being hunched over a phone or keyboard; creates many modern aliments, such as a sense of being constantly on alert mentally and strain in the neck, shoulders and back physically. 

It is also now well documented how children and young people are increasingly struggling with the pressures of school life and social media and how important it is for growing bodies to properly stretch their muscles to support skeletal development.

Mindfulness and yoga both improve focus, creativity and the ability to think strategically.  It is scientifically proven that constant bombardment of ‘noise’ from office chit chat, tv or radio, social media - and the inner chatter in our heads, hampers cognitive ability; whereas periods of silence quieten the nervous system and develop new brain cells in the part of the brain associated with learning and memory.

Tragically losing both her father and brother, when she was a young adult, Selina stumbled into yoga and meditation 15 years ago and was surprised (at the time) how helpful they were.

Selina is now qualified to teach both mindfulness and yoga independently and greatly values the ability to blend the disciplines.  Her style of yoga is IYM, yoga integrated with mindfulness, as devised by Hugh Poulton.    This works with the natural energetics of the body, through activating the inner core.  Combined with mindfulness skills to give the mental ability to lightly focus and be intimately aware of the body, it enables release of tension and subconscious holding, so all practitioners are able to open up their natural flexibility, lightness and fluidity.  Because strength and support comes from the inner core, the whole body moves in balance; rather than a rigidity that often comes with movement through muscular strength.

The advantages of developing mindfulness, entwined with the body and breath work, is that practitioners notice, often for the first time, where it’s their mind’s attitude that is often limiting an innate suppleness in the body and stifling the natural energetics.   Learning the capacity to release mental tension, there is a domino effect on practitioner’s movement that responds with a corresponding ease, balance and openness.   With on-going learning, new habits form, where the practitioner is able to be completely in the moment, with their mind absorbed in the feeling of movement, allowing their thinking mind to get out of the way.  When in a yoga practice they flow through postures (asanas) with grace and poise, or can bring the skills to other areas of their life, such competitive sport and dressage riding.

When appropriate, Selina loves to include horses to support her teaching.  Why! …because horses are very perceptive to people’s feelings, naturally completely aware of everything going on and blessed with breaking down barriers by being non-judgemental.   When students are lost in thought and disconnected, horses give a gentle reminder to come back, adding an extra dimension.  

Selina’s work includes a joint teaching retreat/clinic in Andalusia, Spain, where her teaching of yoga and mindfulness works in harmony with the Centered Riding for dressage taught by Johanna Beattie Batista and her beautiful and sensitive Spanish horses.  Closer to home, she also greatly values supporting the healing with horses organisation, FollyFoot, teaching mindfulness at retreat days to help people and their families affected by cancer, or with other special medical or educational needs.



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