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CENTERED riding, mindfulness and yoga support each other

There is an added element to the teaching when horses are involved.  

Mind and body work deepens connection to these wonderful sensitive animals, to transform your riding - and life skills, through enhanced communication.  

Classes are available one to one, or in groups at our retreat in Dos Olivos, Spain.


Horses are an exceptional ability to communicate with people on a non-verbal level.   Mindfulness and yoga teachings, give riders the skills the deepen this connectivity.

For those that are interested, teaching with the support of horses, greatly reinforces students' ability to recognise their own communication skills.


Yoga is an intensive form of bodywork to systematically help equestrians open up and release tension in their bodies and minds, so that they ride with greater balance, ease and flow.

centered riding

This is a technique that mirrors the fundamental teaching qualities of mindfulness and yoga.  Devised by Sally Swift it recognises the fundamentals of the breath, centering from the core, stilling the mind and softening gaze.

joint teaching intiatives

I work in a teaching partnership, with Centered Riding and Classical Dressage instructor, Johanna Beattie Bastista, to combine our teaching skills, giving students access to the magical connection to horses in dressage.